Eli Wirtschafter

These citizens wanted better bike lanes. So they built them.

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon. Three guys riding bicycles meet on a corner in downtown San Francisco, where they disguise themselves as city employees. Sort of.

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Your Call: Brexit, the Grenfell fire, & the exploitation of US truck drivers

This week, we’ll discuss coverage of the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, which killed at least 79 people. The tragedy has turned attention to deregulation, austerity and growing inequality in the UK.

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Binah: Esther Perel

Jun 22, 2017

Psychotherapist Esther Perel offers personal and professional insights and the complex science behind human interaction in modern relationships.

KALW Almanac ~ Thursday June 22, 2017

Jun 22, 2017

Today Thursday, 22nd of June of 2017 is the 173rd day of the year.  There are 192 days remaining until the end of the year.  502 days until Congressional Elections Tuesday November 6, 2018.  1230 days until Presidential Elections Tuesday November 3, 2020.  The sun will rise in San Francisco at 5:49 am and sunset will be at 8:36 pm.  Today we will have 14 hours and 47 minutes of daylight.

Your Call: What will it take to end hunger in the US?

Jun 22, 2017


Anti-hunger activist Andy Fisher joins us to discuss his new book, Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups.

This week, details about this year's Stern Grove Festival from Director of Programming Judy Tseng and new Executive Director Bob Fiedler; James Sofranko talks about the second season of SFDanceworks, more from the Frameline film festival from programmer Harry Vaughn and Tom Gustafson, director of the musical "Hello Again" and Peter Robinson talks with Shakespeare scholar Philippa Kelly about Cal Shakes and the Oregon Shakespeare Fest

Is the water in Berkeley and Orinda safe to drink?

Jun 21, 2017
CC Flickr user melystu, resized and recropped

For the past few weeks, crews from the East Bay Municipal Water District have been flushing the water system in an effort to eradicate a known cancer causing compound in two systems in Berkeley and in Orinda.


JoAnn Mar


Death is an uncomfortable subject for many people.  The way we die is one of the most important conversations Americans are not having.  But during the last five years, a movement to break the silence has been growing.

David Wilson


When it came time to choose a musical to put on this summer, the team at San Francisco’s Theatre Rhinoceros knew they wanted to pull out all the stops for their 40th anniversary. And that’s how this queer theatrical institution decided on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


Guess this Bay Area sound! June 17, 2017

Jun 21, 2017
Illustration by Rich Black / cropped and resized

This is Audiograph — the Bay Area’s sonic signature. Each week, we’ll play you a sound recorded somewhere in the Bay Area. Your job? Listen to the sound in the player above, figure out where it was recorded and what it is, then call to let us know.

If you think you can identify this Audiograph sound of the week, call 415-264-7106. Also, tell us where to record next. We’ll give away a KALW t-shirt every week to one lucky caller.

The tune you’re hearing now is being performed by Asheba. He’s a musical storyteller born in Trinidad, now living in Oakland. 

Asheba will be blending sounds of the Caribbean in a family concert at the Temescal Farmers Market in Oakland on Sunday (7/25).

I'm rarely jealous of, let alone in awe of a fellow writer. I am both re Mary Roach: She does so much research to find so many wonderful stories that make even a non-book-reader read. So, it's my pleasure to say that my in-studio guest on the June 25, 2017 edition of Work with Marty Nemko is Mary Roach. She's written great books about orgasm, cadavers, traveling to Mars, and scientists' search for ghosts, but because my program must focus on career-related issues, I confine our conversation to her latest book: Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War.  We'll talk about what it's really like to be a soldier, but from unusual perspectives, for example, what goes into creating their protective clothing,  simulation-based training-, for example, in a virtual Kabul, bullets whizzing and soldiers gushing like garden hoses amid the wail of a call to prayer.



Almanac - Friday, 6/23/17

It's not the Sholeswriter (see 1868 below). Today is Friday, June 23, 2017, the 174th day of the year with 191 days remaining. Sunrise: 5:37am Sunset: 8:36pm ...giving us 14 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. 2% of the waning moon will be visible, setting at 8:16pm

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