Ninna Gaensler-Debs

The end of Temporary Protected Status has big consequences for Bay Area immigrants

More than 55,000 immigrants are living in California with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) — a form of humanitarian relief for those whose home countries have had some kind of catastrophe. Now, they’re at risk of losing their legal status.

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Your Call: Native Americans discuss the true history of Thanksgiving

How can we give thanks while honoring the historic significance of Thanksgiving?

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Stefan Cohen/San Francisco Opera

This week on Open Air, host David Latulippe talks with baritones Ryan McKinny and Elliot Madore, and tenor Paul Appleby about their roles in the upcoming World Premiere of John Adams’ newest opera ‘Girls of the Golden West’ at San Francisco Opera.

11/13: THE INTERSECTION — Life before Google

Nov 15, 2017

Photo courtesy of Arvind Kumar/modified from original

While America is mixing, we are seeing the rise of pure white nationalism. 

Almanac - Wednesday 11/15/17

Nov 15, 2017

Today, Wednesday, the 15th of November of 2017 is the 319th day of the year....


In The Know-It-Alls, former New York Times technology columnist Noam Cohen chronicles the political rise of Silicon Valley.


Nov 14, 2017
David Boyer / KALW News / The Intersection

There's only one housing development within walking distance of Google's headquarters in Mountain View. It's a diverse mobile home park named Santiago Villa. But whatever you do, don't call it a trailer park.

Looking At Education with Carol Kocivar November 14, 2017

11/14: Home Sweet Google

Nov 14, 2017

  • Google has made a lot of its employees very, very rich. So why are some of them living in a mobile home park next to the company's global headquarters? And how do other park residents feel about their new neighbors? Find out on the latest installment of THE INTERSECTION. 

John Heffron has performances from Thursday (11/16/2017) through Saturday (11/18/2017) at the Punch Line in san Francisco, CA. Find tickets here.

Seth Meyers performs Friday (11/17/2017) at the Masonic in San Francisco. Find tickets here.

Philosophy Talk: Democracy in Crisis

Nov 14, 2017

Government shutdowns, gerrymandered voting districts, unfettered campaign spending -- are these the inevitable outcomes of our nation's founding principles?


Answer this week's question: “What should be done about people in your community going hungry?" Call 1-833-SPEAK-CA to take part. Tune in to KALW on Tuesdays to hear answers from around the state.

KALW seeks a new General Manager

One of the most creative and dynamic stations in public radio is looking for a new leader.

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Almanac - Wednesday 11/22/17

click here for the recipe for Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish... Today Wednesday, the 22 th of November of 2017 is the 326th day of the year. There are 39 days remaining until the end of the year. 29 days until winter begins ...

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