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The real story behind the Summer of Love

Understandably, many of us assume the Summer of Love was the pinnacle of the Hippie movement in the Bay Area and beyond. But the reality is a lot more complicated.

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Your Call: How gerrymandering undermines democracy

We’ll have a conversation about gerrymandering and how it shapes the US electoral map.

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Reggie Steele performs Wednesday, June 21st at The Punch Line in San Francisco, CA. Find tickets here.

Gad Elmaleh performs Thursday (6/22) through Saturday (6/24) at the San Jose Improv in San Jose, CA. Find tickets here.

Have you heard the expression “I’ll be there with bells on”?  It indicates that you’re very enthusiastic about the activity. Practitioners of the ancient art of Morris dancing are enthusiastic about their dance form. They not only wear sleeves of bells on their legs during performances; they also practice with them.

This music?  It’s by Foxtails Brigade

 Laura Weinbach, the group’s singer, says she’s the daughter of a horror filmmaker, whose neighbors were circus contortionists. You can ask her about that after the show when they play at Amnesia in San Francisco on Friday (6/23). 


Does the pretrial detention and bail bond system embolden predatory practices?

KALW Almanac ~ Tuesday June 20, 2017

Jun 20, 2017

 Summer Solstice will be at 9:24 PM this evening, Tuesday, June 20, the 171st day of the year.  There are 194 days remaining until the end of the year.   504 days until Congressional Elections on Tuesday November 6, 2018 and 1232 days until the next Presidential Election on Tuesday November 3, 2020.  The sun will rise in San Francisco at 5:48 am and sunset will be at 8:35 pm.  We will have 14 hours and 47 minutes of daylight today.

Tom Levy

If you had to hole up somewhere for months, or even years, what would you need?

The San Francisco Bay has long been a gateway for immigrants. Between 1910 and 1940, more than a million people from 80 different countries entered the United States through the immigration station on Angel Island. 

Sandy Valenciano/California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

Even in sanctuary cities, undocumented immigrants aren’t always safe from being handed over to ICE agents. In fact, it's happened right here in the well-known sanctuary city of San Francisco.

6/19: Creating sanctuary

Jun 19, 2017


Today on Crosscurrents:

  • A Berkeley church that is prepared to shelter people facing threat of deportation.
  • What happens when an undocumented immigrant ends up in ICE custody after reporting a stolen car to police.
  • The secret that unlocked a new life for the historic immigration station at Angel Island.

Today’s local music is by Makru [< mah CREW].

They sing in English and Spanish “in hopes of spreading a message of respect and love.”

Makru performs Friday (6/30) at Studio Grand, on Grand Avenue, in Oakland.








KALW Almanac ~ Wednesday June 28, 2017

Today Wednesday, 28th of June of 2017 is the 179th day of the year. There are 186 days remaining until the end of the year. 496 days until Congressional Elections on Tuesday November 6, 2018; 1224 days until the next Presidential Election on Tuesday November 3, 2020...

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