This American Life en Ira Glass on "Crosscurrents" today at 5! <p>Ira Glass spends an hour with KALW News Director Holly Kernan geeking out about radio, with stories about the early days of radio, Radio Havana in the Mission, and the first bi-lingual radio program.&nbsp; <strong>Today at 5pm.</strong></p> Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:29:49 +0000 David Latulippe 33249 at Ira Glass on "Crosscurrents" today at 5! This (Fun!) American Life <div class="week-content" jquery1342656581913="26">Host Ira Glass&nbsp;heads to some of the happiest places on Earth:&nbsp; Amusement Parks!&nbsp; Jonathan Goldstein revisits one he worked at as a teen, Ira takes us behind the scenes at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, where the staff so loves their jobs they make videos.&nbsp; Sunday at 1pm, Wednesday at Noon.&nbsp;</div> Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:05:29 +0000 David Latulippe 13742 at This (Fun!) American Life Radiolab USB drive...for your $120 pledge <p>Enjoy 25 hours of&nbsp;wonderful, eclectic&nbsp;<em>Radiolab </em>episodes,&nbsp;and use&nbsp;and re-use the&nbsp;storage space on this handy keychain/USB drive.&nbsp; <a href="">Yours with our thanks for a $120 to Local Public Radio</a>.</p> Tue, 08 May 2012 21:40:41 +0000 David Latulippe 10270 at Radiolab USB drive...for your $120 pledge Donate to KALW & be part of This American Life LIVE! <p>This Thursday,&nbsp;May 10<sup>th</sup><sup>&nbsp;</sup>at 8pm, Ira Glass and&nbsp;<em>This American Life </em>will&nbsp;do a live show in New York City&nbsp;that will be broadcast via satellite to theaters across the country.&nbsp; Ira Glass will be joined by David Rakoff, Mike Birbiglia, Glynn Washington and other special guests, including&nbsp;the band&nbsp;OK Go!</p><p>You can be there &ndash; and&nbsp;help support KALW&rsquo;s May Membership Campaign.</p> Thu, 03 May 2012 23:08:23 +0000 Matt Martin 10060 at Donate to KALW & be part of This American Life LIVE!