Dalai Lama http://kalw.org en Is there any hope for the "Middle Way?" http://kalw.org/post/there-any-hope-middle-way <p></p> Wed, 12 Mar 2014 13:45:00 +0000 Sandip Roy 40739 at http://kalw.org Is there any hope for the "Middle Way?" Cannabis News Roundup: October 18, 2013 http://kalw.org/post/cannabis-news-roundup-october-18-2013 <p><strong><em>Supreme Court rejects appeal to reclassify cannabis… Governor Brown vetoes drug sentencing bill… Lt. Governor Newsom heads ACLU legalization panel… Safety warnings… Dalai Lama warns against “crazy mind”… and more.</em></strong></p><p><strong><em>LEGISLATION &amp; LEGALIZATION</em></strong></p> Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:52:59 +0000 Steven Short 34651 at http://kalw.org Cannabis News Roundup: October 18, 2013 The Science of Compassion http://kalw.org/post/science-compassion <p></p><p>What makes us want to be good?</p><p>&ldquo;Compassion is complex,&rdquo; says Emiliana Simon Thomas, the former associate director of CCARE, the Center for Compassion And Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University.</p><p>Brian Knutson, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford University, adds: &ldquo;It&rsquo;s not quite an emotion, is it? It&rsquo;s more sophisticated.&rdquo;</p><p>Emerging science is exploring how our minds feel for others.</p> Tue, 17 Jul 2012 01:23:32 +0000 Judy Silber 13623 at http://kalw.org The Science of Compassion