Bazaar Cafe en Today’s Local Music: Brad Brooks <p></p><p>The singing and piano playing you’re hearing comes from <a href="">Brad Brooks</a> of San Francisco. He’s performing tomorrow, May 14, at the <a href="">Bazaar Cafe</a> on California Street in San Francisco. He joins Allyson Paige, who has a Songwriter Residency there. Music begins around 7pm.</p><p> Mon, 13 May 2013 17:41:51 +0000 Steven Short 27105 at Today’s Local Music: Brad Brooks Local Music: Kyle Alden <p><b id="internal-source-marker_0.7487578270956874" style="font-family: Times; font-size: medium; line-height: normal; font-weight: normal; "><span style="font-size: 19px; font-family: Arial; background-color: transparent; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap; ">This is the voice of <a href="" target="_blank">Kyle Alden</a>. The San Francisco singer/songwriter/guitarist is known in some circles for setting the poetry of W. B. Yeats to music. Thu, 23 Aug 2012 22:34:52 +0000 Steven Short 15617 at Local Music: Kyle Alden