slacktivism en Technology and Social Causes- Activism or "Clicktivism"? <p><span style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; FONT-FAMILY: arial, sans-serif; COLOR: rgb(34,34,34); FONT-SIZE: 13px">CIty Visions explores the impact of technology on social activism and fundraising. Do social and digital media motivate people to take meaningful action, or encourage a belief that all it takes is a click to make a difference? Guests include leaders from, an online fundraising website and, a social action platform, and Rainforest Action Network, a national nonprofit based in San Francisco that&nbsp;is using technology to reach out to new audiences. </span></p> Tue, 11 Sep 2012 18:32:06 +0000 City Visions 16491 at Technology and Social Causes- Activism or "Clicktivism"?