howard zinn en Today on Your Call: Who was Howard Zinn? <P></P> <DIV> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px; FONT: 14px Verdana"><SPAN><SPAN style="LETTER-SPACING: 0px">On today's Your Call, we’ll have a</SPAN><SPAN style="FONT: 13px 'Lucida Grande'; LETTER-SPACING: 0px">&nbsp;conversation with&nbsp;</SPAN><SPAN style="LETTER-SPACING: 0px"><SPAN id=lw_1348156916_1 class=yshortcuts>Martin Duberman</SPAN>, author of&nbsp;<I>Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left.&nbsp;&nbsp;</I>The late historian, educator, and activist would have turned 90 this August.<I>&nbsp;</I>&nbsp;Zinn is most famous for his book,&nbsp;<I>A People’s History of the United States</I>.&nbsp; Duberm Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:06:29 +0000 Matt Martin 16939 at Today on Your Call: Who was Howard Zinn?