find a job en Could You or Someone You Know Need a Workover? <p></p><p>On the May 4, 2014 edition of <em>Work with Marty Nemko</em>, I devote the entire hour to helping you with your call-in career conundrums. I call those <em>Three-Minute Workovers</em>. I invite you to call in. I'll intersperse those with my favorite new career tips.</p> Tue, 08 Apr 2014 20:58:03 +0000 Marty Nemko 42096 at Guilt at Work <P>Many people feel guilt about what they've done or didn't do in their worklife: from knowing teammates will pick up their slack to guilt-tripping a romantic partner into earning all the income. And then there's lying on a resume or stealing from your employer: exaggerating hours billed for, padding expense accounts, taking sick days so you can see the Giants play, fooling around on the Internet for a couple hours at work, etc.</P> <P><SPAN style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1.5">On the Mar. Sun, 27 Jan 2013 21:30:22 +0000 mnemko 22273 at Free individualized career help on KALW <p>This Sunday, on <em>Work with Marty Nemko,</em> I&#39;ll devote the entire show to helping you with your career. In between offering my favorite new tips, I&#39;ll invite you to call in for what I alternately call a<em> WorkOver</em> or <em>Three-Minute Career Makeover</em>. Mon, 02 Apr 2012 23:46:52 +0000 Marty Nemko 8520 at Free individualized career help on KALW A Cure for Your Career Ailment? <p>This Sunday&#39;s <em>Work with Marty Nemko </em>is devoted exclusively to you. If you or someone you love has a work problem or a lack-of-work problem, call in or listen to Marty doing three-minute <em>Workovers </em>on callers. Interspersed, he&#39;ll share his favorite new career and workplace ideas. Most listeners say they&#39;re not looking for a job but just enjoy listening. Those listeners too&nbsp;are, of course, most welcome.&nbsp; That&#39;s <em>Work with Marty Nemko,</em> this Sunday, Jan 29 from 11 am to noon, here on 91.7 FM, KALW.</p> Mon, 23 Jan 2012 04:52:09 +0000 Marty Nemko 4769 at A Cure for Your Career Ailment?