networking en Susan Roane, author of How to Work a Room <P>On the January 6, 2013 edition of <EM>Work with Marty Nemko, </EM>the guest: Susan Roane, author of <EM>How to Work a Room </EM>and<EM> Secrets of Savvy Networking. </EM>The focus:&nbsp;<EM>advanced </EM>networking strategies: the not-obvious, not widely known, but important.<EM>&nbsp;</EM>Marty will also invite listeners to call in for a three-minute WorkOver.</P> <P><EM>Work with Marty Nemko </EM>is heard every Sunday from 11 am to noon on 91.7 FM, KALW, San Francisco.&nbsp;</P> Sat, 29 Dec 2012 00:29:26 +0000 mnemko 21097 at