urban biking http://kalw.org en Bike riding 101: Adventures in urban biking http://kalw.org/post/bike-riding-101-adventures-urban-biking <p>In California, once your feet leave the ground and hit the pedals of your bike, you’re under the same rules of the road as cars and trucks. But, the thing about riding a bike is that, unlike driving a car, you don’t need a license. There is no test. Once your parents take off the training wheels and let go of the back of your bike, &nbsp;you’re pretty much on your own.&nbsp;</p><p>I report on transportation for&nbsp;KALW, but I hardly ever ride my bike. I decided to take an urban bike riding class to learn everything you need to know about riding your bike in the Bay Area.</p> Tue, 07 Jan 2014 01:17:20 +0000 Julie Caine 5043 at http://kalw.org Bike riding 101: Adventures in urban biking Top Five Bike Lists http://kalw.org/post/top-five-bike-lists <p>On today&#39;s show, we played a lot of top five bike lists &ndash; everything from the top five reasons it&#39;s great to bike in San Francisco to the top five tips for being an urban female biker. Listen to them all, plus a few extra, here.</p><p><strong>Chris Hoff, KALW sound engineer</strong></p><p><em>Top five bike gripes</em></p><p>5. San Francisco hills. These mighty obstacles have forced the strongest of us to dismount on occasion and walk our trusty steeds up their towering heights. Or, just go around them.</p><p>4. Drivers talking on their cell phones. Sweet Fancy Moses.</p> Mon, 30 Jul 2012 22:45:22 +0000 Casey Miner 5049 at http://kalw.org Top Five Bike Lists