3 minute workovers http://kalw.org en Metaphors to Help Your Career + Should You Retire? http://kalw.org/post/metaphors-help-your-career-should-you-retire <p>On the July 20, 2014 edition of <em>Work with Marty Nemko</em>, I offer 13 metaphors to help your career, 10 questions to help you decide if and when to retire, and invite you to call in for a <i>3-Minute Workover.</i></p><p><i><em>Work with Marty&nbsp;Nemko</em>&nbsp;</i>is heard every Sunday from 11 AM to noon on&nbsp;KALW, 91.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide on kalw.org. The podcast is available for a week on the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_detail.php?siteId=148477971">NPR site</a>&nbsp;and in perpetuity on this page.</p> Sat, 12 Jul 2014 23:38:28 +0000 mnemko 46488 at http://kalw.org What Does It Take to be a Great Manager and Leader? http://kalw.org/post/what-does-it-take-be-great-manager-and-leader <p>On the Aug 11, 2013 edition of <em>Work with Marty Nemko</em>, I tackle three things:</p><p>How to be a great, even beloved, manager and leader? To that end, I'll kick of the discussion by giving the mock talk I'd give to my employees upon getting hired. I'll try to embed principles of best practice.</p> Sat, 10 Aug 2013 22:44:01 +0000 Marty Nemko 31446 at http://kalw.org