Architecture and the City en Marin Civic Center at, and Cabaret! <div><p>This week, Bay Area Cabaret founder and director Marilyn Levinson talks to host David Latulippe about the <a href="">Cabaret's 10th Anniversary Season </a>that opens with a Gala on September 21 at the Venetian room of the Fairmont; New Voices composer <a href=",-ZOSHA-%C2%A0Lineage.aspx">Zosha Di Castri </a>shares her music and details about the West Coast Premiere of her work, <em>Lineage</em>, being performed this week at the <a href="">San Francisco Symphony</a>; and we continue our <a href="">Architecture and the City </a>series with architect Mark Cavagnero, who talks about the 50th anniversary of the iconic <a href="">Marin County Civic Center</a>, and the new building for <a href="">SFJAZZ</a>, which he designed.&nbsp; Open Air with David Latulippe. Open Air, originally broadcast on&nbsp; <strong>Thursday 9/12 at 1pm.</strong> <strong>Listen now or anytime</strong>. Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:50:28 +0000 David Latulippe 32964 at Marin Civic Center at, and Cabaret!