tax law en "I ... do? Wait, let me think about it." <p id="yui_3_13_0_1_1384406197827_5894"><span id="yui_3_13_0_7_1384406197827_68"><span id="yui_3_13_0_1_1384406197827_5893"><span id="yui_3_13_0_1_1384406197827_4616">Experts help homo and hetero couples weigh the pros and cons of getting married by year-end</span>. Just because it's now legal for same-sex couples to marry in California and many other states, and the federal government must recognize those marriages, <em><span id="yui_3_13_0_1_1384406197827_6482">should</span></em> you? There are financial advantages for some to get hitched by Dec. Tue, 17 Dec 2013 05:58:24 +0000 Eric Jansen 35869 at "I ... do? Wait, let me think about it."