Beatles Karaoke en Beatles Karaoke <p>The vocalist you&rsquo;re hearing is Dana Harnik, participating in the monthly all-Beatles karaoke night at <a href="">Café Royale</a> on Post Street in San Francisco. Note that this is no &ldquo;follow the bouncing ball&rdquo; laser-disc performance. Joshua Raoul Brody, of the band Tango Number 9, plays live piano to match each singer&rsquo;s style. The next event takes place Monday, March 5, and the first Monday of every month. <a href="">Music</a> begins about 8pm, and a book of lyrics is provided.</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 29 Feb 2012 23:11:35 +0000 Steven Short 6715 at Beatles Karaoke