At KALW, we are proud to be listener-supported, and we are always looking for new ways to invite listeners to help keep Local Public Radio strong.

As part of that ongoing effort, we have entered a partnership with My Broker Donates, an innovative service that uses a research-driven approach to match homebuyers and sellers with the most effective agents in our area - and then secures a part of its referral fees for KALW. 

When you venture into the Bay Area real estate market, nothing is more critical than the agent you choose. How do you find a Realtor with the specific knowledge and experience that suit your needs?    My Broker Donates harnesses proprietary data on real estate transactions to identify one or more agents most likely to succeed on your behalf.  They make an introduction, and when a transaction is successfully concluded, My Broker Donates ensures that a generous portion of their referral fee is donated to KALW, in your name if you wish, at no cost to you. 

Already have an agent in mind?  My Broker Donates can provide a comparison before you make your final decision, without any obligation on your part.

For more than 70 years, KALW has been part of the cultural and intellectual fabric that makes the Bay Area a great place to live.  Our partnership with My Broker Donates makes it possible for some of that value to return to the station, so we can fulfill our mission to amplify the creativity and idealism of the Bay Area. 

If you are buying or selling a home, contact our partners at My Broker Donates first and make sure you have the information you need.  Learn more now – and thank you for your support.