Thu June 7, 2012
Cops & Courts

Criminal Justice Conversations with David Onek: UCSF Prof. Emeritus of Psychology Paul Ekman

David Onek and Paul Ekman outside the Berkeley Journalism School

Paul Ekman, UCSF Professor Emeritus of Psychology,discusses how his research on facial expressions and emotions can improve public safety, the criticism he has received from colleagues for working with law enforcement, his discussions with the Dalai Lama about forgiveness and responsibility, the pros and cons of having his work portrayed on the TV show “Lie to Me,” and more. 

Paul Ekman Interview Highlights

Ekman on Criticism From Colleagues That He Works Too Closely with Law Enforcement:

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Thu June 7, 2012

Opinion: Meritocracy is a Bad Word

According to Merriam-Webster, the word meritocracy has two definitions: a system in which the talented are chosen and promoted on the basis of their achievement; and, leadership selected on the basis of intellectual criteria. However, given the amount of times I’ve heard this word used (improperly) to describe the tech industry over the past couple of years, I think Merriam-Webster must have gotten it wrong. I think they actually meant to define it as “nonsense; especially foolish insolent talk;” also known as b&llsh*#.

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Wed June 6, 2012
Out in the Bay - June 7, 2012 - Queers in sports

First out gay NFL player tells his story on Out in the Bay

David Kopay on the cover of ManDate a few years after he retired from pro football and came out as gay

Queers - and homophobia - in sports.  In 1975, former 49er David Kopay came out as gay, wrote a bestselling book about it, and rocked the sports world. 37 years later, despite all the gains for gay rights generally, only a handful of major athletes have followed him out of the closet. He’s still an activist and athlete, and the official race starter for this year’s SF FrontRunners Pride Run, June 23 in Golden Gate Park. Kopay shared his story on Out in the Bay.

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Wed June 6, 2012

Crosscurrents: June 6, 2012

Neighborhood watches grow in Oakland; Question Bridge - Black Males: Do you have a problem eating fried chicken, watermelon, and bananas in front of white people?; "Streetopia" - part exhibit, part festival; and local duo Black Cobra.


Wed June 6, 2012
Arts & Culture

Utopia on Market Street? A San Francisco art exhibit explores the possibilities

Bangkok Coffee, 2012

There’s talk that we’re in the midst of a second tech boom in San Francisco. Twitter is opening its new headquarters in the Central Market district and residents are buzzing about what’s to come. Mayor Ed Lee has been courting start-ups since he came into office, hoping they’ll bring thousands of new jobs to the city.

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