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On this week’s media roundtable, we’ll discuss coverage of the shooting massacre at Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead. Students who survived the shooting are boldly calling on Republicans to pass gun control legislation and stop taking contributions from the NRA.

On the Feb. 22, 2018 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I debate the wisdom of striving for maximum productivity vs doing the minimum. I try to make best-case arguments for each and invited listeners to weigh in.

Is there a dangerous downside to growing up with smart phones and social media? Today’s teens are glued to their phones and virtually connected to each other like never before. So why are rates of teen depression and loneliness skyrocketing? Will our kids grow up better able to pick the right emoji over the right facial expression? Join us on the next City Visions, when we’ll discuss whether smartphones are destroying a generation. 



Sue Porter, Dean of Students at The Bay School of San Francisco

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Stand outside Yaelisa’s East Oakland dance studio on a quiet night and you can hear the sound of dancers practicing their footwork. Inside the studio, about ten women in long skirts are standing in line behind their teacher.  She sings throughout her class and calls out guidance to her students as she keeps the rhythm with her hands and feet. The dancers move in unison. The sounds of their stomps take on the quality of a drum.

Hannah Kingsley-Ma


This story originally aired in August of 2016. 

There’s a warehouse in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood stuffed with the severed legs of aging mannequins, screws of various sizes, and large pieces of real fur.


Garaje Gooch


The Stud is a queer bar in San Francisco with a long and storied history. It was founded in 1966, the same year as the historic Compton’s Cafeteria Riot in the Tenderloin, three years before the Stonewall uprising in New York. It survived the AIDS crisis, the dot com boom, and bust and boom again — all the while building a reputation as a quirky, welcoming place for all visitors.

2/22: Keeping the doors of The Stud open

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Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Inside SCRAP, a creative reuse center in San Francisco serving local teachers
  • What it’s like to be a member of the first worker-owned cooperative queer bar in San Francisco
  • A look inside a dance studio in East Oakland that’s teaching students the art of flamenco

Almanac - Thursday 2/22/18

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Today is Thursday, the 22nd of February of 2018.

26 days until spring begins...

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