Mon January 14, 2013


Mon January 14, 2013
Arts & Culture

Regional Oral History Office seeks your Bay Bridge stories

After eleven years of construction, the Bay Bridge’s majestic new eastern span is set to open to traffic this fall.

It’s hard to imagine the Bay without the Bay Bridge. But it hasn’t always been with us. That’s why the Regional Oral History Office (ROHO), part of UC-Berkeley’s Bancroft Library, is soliciting stories from people who were there when the original Bay Bridge opened – to keep these memories alive.

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Mon January 14, 2013

Getting serious about fun and games with Playworks

Credit Courtesy of Playworks

Morning recess at Ruby Bridges Elementary School in Alameda is a boisterous affair, made even louder today by a strong wind that blows across the concrete yard, billowing kids’ shirts and ruffling their hair. Over at one end of the long yard is a playing field where Coach Kenny Wong is supervising about 20 children.

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Mon January 14, 2013
Arts & Culture

Exploratorium moves on from the Palace of Fine Arts

Science is rarely easy to understand and even harder to explain. But here at the Exploratorium, science isn’t hard – it’s fun. Why? In order to learn, you have to play.

Isidro Demry is playing with the Soap Bubble Tray exhibit. The name says it all: it’s a big tray with pools of soapy water. It’s simple, but surprisingly cool. Especially because I played with the same exhibit when I was six years old, then again when I was ten, and now, I watch as it’s used for what must be close to the last time before it leaves for a new home.

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Mon January 14, 2013

Hear Here: Maybe it's time you finally went to Treasure Island

Treasure Island View and Naked Lady Statue
Credit Lisa Ratner

Our Hear Here community storytelling project has been asking Oakland and San Francisco residents to tell them a story about a meaningful place in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, the KALW news team has set out on a similar mission, and visited iconic places all over the Bay Area to talk to the people who visit them. KALW’s Lisa Ratner brought back this story from Treasure Island.

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Mon January 14, 2013

Crosscurrents: January 14, 2013

The organization Playworks teaches kids how to play games again, the Exploratorium moves locations, a place profile of Treasure Island, a short history of the Bay Bridge, and local musicians Mazacote.

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Mon January 14, 2013
The Two-Way

U.S. Military's Suicide Rate Surpassed Combat Deaths In 2012

Originally published on Tue January 15, 2013 3:47 am

U.S. military suicides rose in 2012. Here, the Army's "Generating Health and Discipline in the Force" report, right, is seen last January. The reports was a follow-up to its "Health Promotion/Risk Reduction/Suicide Prevention" report.
Alex Wong Getty Images

The number of suicide deaths in the U.S. military surged to a record 349 last year — more than the 295 Americans who died fighting in Afghanistan in 2012. The numbers were first reported by the AP; NPR has confirmed them.

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Mon January 14, 2013
Arts & Culture

Today’s Local Music: Eggplant Casino

That music you’re hearing? It’s by The Eggplant Casino. No, that’s not where they’re playing, that’s their name. They’re playing at The Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, this Thursday, opening for Chum, the only Phish tribute band we know of. Doors open at 8pm.


Mon January 14, 2013
It's All Politics

Obama's Woman Problem Is A Problem Of His Own Making

Originally published on Mon March 25, 2013 11:45 am

President Obama holds a news conference Monday in the East Room of the White House.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP

Does President Obama have a problem with women?

On the level of appearances, he certainly does. Which is why at his Monday news conference, he found himself responding to criticisms about the lack of diversity in his picks so far for his second-term Cabinet — State, Treasury, Defense and CIA — who have all been white men.

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Mon January 14, 2013
Shots - Health News

How Long Does It Take To Shake A Cough?

Originally published on Tue January 15, 2013 2:15 pm

A health poster from World War II carries a message that still rings true.
National Archives

Antibiotics only work against bacteria, but many people get the drugs to treat viral infections, too.

More than half of people coughing and wheezing from acute bronchitis are treated with antibiotics, even though less than 10 percent of the cases involve bacterial infections.

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