Thu July 12, 2012
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Fresh Air Celebrates Woody Guthrie At 100

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 9:52 am

Woody Guthrie
Smithsonian Folkways

Lots of people know Woody Guthrie's classic 1940 ballad "This Land Is Your Land," but the story behind the tune may not be as familiar.

Guthrie, who would have turned 100 this week, wrote "This Land" as a response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America," a song he felt was overly patriotic and not directed at ordinary Americans like himself.

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Thu July 12, 2012

Homeowner Bill Of Rights For 'Flawed System'

Guest Host Maria Hinojosa talks with Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General about the state's newly passed "Homeowner Bill of Rights." The law, which was signed yesterday by Governor Jerry Brown, makes it harder for lenders to seize a property and allows homeowners to sue to stop a foreclosure process.


Thu July 12, 2012

Presidential Campaigns Spar Via NAACP Convention



I'm Maria Hinojosa and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. Michel Martin is away. Coming up, California's governor has signed a landmark bill meant to protect homeowners from unfair bank and mortgage practices. We'll speak with state attorney general Kamala Harris about that in just a few minutes.

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Thu July 12, 2012
Around the Nation

Texas Rep: Voters 'Don't Have Confidence' In System

This week, a federal panel is hearing arguments for and against a voter ID law in Texas. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the Texas voter ID law is like a modern poll tax. Guest host Maria Hinojosa talks more about the issue with Rep. Jose Aliseda, who testified at the hearing. He's a Republican State Representative for Texas who was born in Mexico.


Thu July 12, 2012

The 'Political Animals' Running Washington, D.C.

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 12:36 pm

In Political Animals, Sigourney Weaver plays Elaine Barrish, the current secretary of state and a former first lady.
USA Networks

If you only knew about America from watching TV, the last few months might lead you to think that women here wield enormous political power. First you had Game Change, the story of Sarah Palin's attempt to become vice president. Then you had Veep, in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character has accomplished just that. Now comes Political Animals, a new USA network series about a strong female secretary of state who I suspect even a Martian would realize is based on Hillary Clinton.

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Thu July 12, 2012
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Man Tries To Benefit From Fake Cat's Death

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 9:21 am



Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. Prosecutors say no cats were harmed in the making of this news story. A man in Tacoma, Washington told a sad tale. He was involved in a car crash and two years later he said that collision had killed his cat named Tom. He filed a $20,000 insurance claim. But now, according to KOMO, he's been accused of fraud. Authorities say the cat never existed. The man allegedly backed up his claim with cat photos from the Internet. It's MORNING EDITION. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright National Public Radio.


Thu July 12, 2012

Giant Mushroom Found In British Columbia

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 9:21 am



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Thu July 12, 2012
The Salt

Nightly Glass Of Wine May Protect Boomer Women's Bones

Originally published on Fri July 13, 2012 7:00 am

Cheers! Moderate drinking might slow age-related bone loss in women.

It's well-known that exercise is good for our bones, even as we age, but how about that nightly glass of wine?

A new study of women in their 50s and early 60s finds that moderate alcohol consumption may help prevent bone loss. The women in the study consumed about 1 1/2 drinks per day.

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Thu July 12, 2012

Thursday July 12, 2012

1979 - Disco Demolition Night, Chicago (highlighted story below)
  • 194th Day of 2012 / 172 Remaining
  • 72 Days Until Autumn Begins
  • Sunrise:5:58
  • Sunset:8:33
  • 14 Hours 35 Minutes of Daylight
  • Moon Rise:1:03am
  • Moon Set:3:13pm
  • Moon’s Phase: 34 %
  • The Next Full Moon
  • August 1 @ 8:27pm
  • Full Sturgeon Moon
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Thu July 12, 2012
The Two-Way

Was There A Coverup? Report On Penn State Scandal May Tell Us

Originally published on Thu July 12, 2012 1:36 pm

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky being led away from court after his conviction last month.
Mark Wilson Getty Images
  • NPR's Tom Goldman on what's expected in the Freeh report

In a scathing report that takes to task former head football coach Joe Paterno and other top Penn State officials, an independent report from investigators led by former FBI director Louis Freeh says there was a "total disregard for the safety and welfare" of Jerry Sandusky's child victims "by the most senior leaders" at the school.

That is "our most saddening and sobering finding," Freeh concludes about his investigation into the scandal that rocked the school last year.

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