Ashleyanne Krigbaum

Host & Producer

Since joining KALW in May 2012, Ashleyanne Krigbaum has worn many hats: host of The Spot; operations coordinator for KALW News; reporter and producer for Crosscurrents; an assistant producer for Audiograph; and a helping hand on several other shows and podcasts (Your Call, Chew On This, Life of the Law.) For over six years, Ashleyanne has been an active DJ and public radio producer within the Bay Area community, as well as a contributor to NPR Music, Associated Press, and East Bay Express.



Thu April 2, 2015


Thu March 26, 2015


Thu March 12, 2015


Thu February 26, 2015
Arts & Culture

The Spot: Song Exploder

From the music video, "Sea of Love," by the band, The National

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

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Thu February 19, 2015
Arts & Culture

The Spot: Stories from the Groove

A rendered image of the etched grooves of a record. IRENE software converts these squiggles to sound.
Julie Martin/NEDCC