Bob Sommer

Board Op/Announcer

Originally from the east coast, Bob has called the Bay Area home since 1995 and has been on the air at KALW since 1996.  Bob has worked and lived all over the country doing everything from driving a horse carriage in Chicago and fishing on the Bering Sea to working at law firms and as a deckhand on a San Francisco Bay tugboat.  His constant however has been radio.  Bob has been working in commercial, public and underground radio since 1978. Bob has an MA in Communication from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and a BA in Mass Communication from Emerson College in Boston.  Intimately involved in the Bay Area underground arts scene, Bob is the Station Manager at the FM radio station at Burning Man and can be found around town at numerous gatherings and events usually stage managing or recording.  Bob currently lives in Berkeley with his trusty pit bull Big Red.

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