Chris Hoff

News Engineer

Chris Hoff has been an engineer with KALW News' Crosscurrents for about six years now, and before that he volunteered and reported for the show starting in 2006. The road to radio and KALW was a circuitous one: Hoff's undergraduate career in Classics left him aimless, professionally speaking; his zeal for Pindar, Homer, Thucydides, and Virgil could not earn him a living, so in 2002 he floated around, first to Weimar, Germany, then to Berlin.  It was in Berlin that Hoff uncovered his enthusiasm for the then-burgeoning internet radio phenomenon known as "podcasting."  For two years he made podcasts with a buddy of his until he decided to get more serious with the medium. So after getting his feet wet in broadcast journalism at CNN Berlin in 2006, Hoff moved back to San Francisco, met Holly Kernan and Ben Trefny at KALW, and settled into his work with the fabulous Crosscurrents team.  Quoth Hoff, "It is satisfying to have acquired a practical skill after so many years of dabbling and dilettantism."

Chris Hoff is also the co-creator of the new, 90-second podcast The World According to Sound, which has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered. He believes in this new audio project very much.

Ways to Connect

The homeless in San Francisco, going back to prison in The San Quentin Prison Report, a StoryCorps on the Bay Area version of the march to Montgomery during the Civil Rights era, plus local musicians Sunhaze.

Garbage show! Enacting policy to control littering, collecting bottles as a job, what it means to be zero waste, and local musician Ila Cantor.

A girls club in San Francisco's Bayview district, the Frameline Film Festival, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Bernal Hill Players.

Liz Mak

Last night, the Golden State Warriors reclaimed the NBA Championship title for the first time in 40 years. Impromptu celebrations broke out in the streets. KALW sent reporters out into Oakland and San Francisco to talk to the local team's die-hard fans. 

Punk Show! San Francisco punk from the beginning of the movement. Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, Penelope Houston, SF band Flesh World, and local musicians Fang.

Support systems in the aftermath of police shootings, SF rapper DaVinci, Belva Davis, and local musicians Underwoman and the Believers.

Teaching teens how to deal with tough community problems, misguided loyalty from the San Quentin Prison Report, what it's like to be released from a life sentence in prison, and local musician Janam.

What's the fastest way to commute in the Bay Area? Bike, car, or public transportation? Plus teenage suicide down the peninsula, and local musician Kally Price.

A crisis hotline, sacred harp music, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musician Derek Lassiter.

A show all about Northern California's delta: its agriculture, economy, and the people who live there.

Being on lockdown in San Quentin, "passing" in terms of how one speaks, and reading braille.

Comedy Show! Comedians with Disabilities, a comedian inside San Quentin, standups, you name it we go it!

Sports show!!! The Spanish-language broadcasters of the San Francisco Giants, the Giants ballpark organist, and the Ice Guy.

Photo by Chris Hoff

Good organ music can be a religious experience, especially when it's written by composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, and played on massive organs with over 10,000 pipes.

But then there's another kind of organ music, played in a different type of cathedral, on a small Hammond organ. This is the music of Steve Hogan, organist for the San Francisco Giants.

A Spiritual Edge membership campaign show!

Mother's Day! An Iranian-American playwright and her movie-star mom, a Story Corps with a woman and her biological and foster mother, a flamenco dancer passes on the dancing gene to her daughter, the KALW Newsroom talks about what their moms taught them, and local musicians The Brothers Comatose.

An arts enter that's helping people with disabilities express themselves, getting on the job training as a young person with a disability, and a man with down syndrome talks about opening his own restaurant.

Vaping, the medical uses of psychedelic drugs, a Bay Area Beats with Phillip Greenlief, and local musicians Felsen.

Drought show! Dry farming, the history of how California was settled and how its population distribution is exacerbating our present drought, and local musician Alison Faith Levy.

The Armenian Genocide, and The San Francisco Treat--Rice-A-Roni--is actually from Armenia! Plus local musicians Bang Data.

The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, palm trees in California, and local musician George Long.

How to solve the Bay Area's housing development issues; what it'll take to get SF's public transportation to improve; a Bay Area Beats with Howell Devine, and local musicians The Chris Cobb band.

Fraternities and sexual assault, being black, brown and queer, rediscovering the divine after leaving the church because of one's sexual orientation, and local musicians Dave Miller Trio.

Police surveillance in Oakland, today's Audiograph game answer, and local musician Judi Jaeger.

A Mexican-Punjabi community in California, how different Middle Eastern cultures cook falafel, a Bay Area Beats on Briget Boyle, and local musicians UC Alumni Chorus.

Being a Jew in America, finding love, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Friction Quartet.

April Fools' show!

It's been two years since Al Jazeera bought out San Francisco's Current TV. Since then, the Arab News Network has learned a lot form its first foray in the American Market. Industry analysts speculate that we're about to see some changes in the network based on those learnings.

Green Jobs 2.0, the aftermath of the nuclear fallout in Fukushima, and local musician Moe Staiano.

Alex Calder shares a song that reminds him how to escape the constant conflict in the world around us.