Chris Hoff

News Engineer

Chris Hoff has been an engineer with KALW News' Crosscurrents for about three years now, and before that he volunteered and reported for the show starting in 2006. The road to radio and KALW was a circuitous one: Hoff's undergraduate career in Classics left him aimless, professionally speaking; his zeal for Pindar, Homer, Thucydides, and Virgil could not earn him a living, so in 2002 he floated around, first to Weimar, Germany, then to Berlin.  It was in Berlin that Hoff uncovered his enthusiasm for the then-burgeoning internet radio phenomenon known as "podcasting."  For two years he made podcasts with a buddy of his until he decided to get more serious with the medium. So after getting his feet wet in broadcast journalism at CNN Berlin in 2006, Hoff moved back to San Francisco, met Holly Kernan and Ben Trefny at KALW, and settled into his work with the fabulous Crosscurrents team.  Quoth Hoff, "It is satisfying to have acquired a practical skill after so many years of dabbling and dilettantism."

Ways to Connect

Hailing a taxi cab in San Francisco, the nudity wars in San Francisco, the underwater sounds of the Bay and blue whales, and local musicians Whiskerman.

Dealing with homeless encampments in San Francisco, giving dogs and supplying food trucks for the homeless, The Powers of Ten at SFMOMA, and local musicians Bill Hansell.

Free bus passes for young people in San Francisco, deciding which grade of gas to buy, a Hear Here about an old-school Mustang, taking the walking bus to school, and local musicians The Rogers.

Crisis in psychiatric wards, a StoryCorps on mental illness, comedian Will Durst on 2012's funniest news stories, and local musicians Tommy Igoe Big Band.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, women programmers piercing the male-dominated culture of the video game industry, public transportation art, and local musicians Grass Widow.

Owning a house in West Oakland, foreclosures and the Oakland Community Land Trust, a Hear Here on the Oakland cathedral, and local musicians Blame Sally.

Proposition 39 and a future of clean energy in California, driving blindfolded, the art of multitasking, and local musicians Musica Pacifica.

Inmates in Richmond work to combat violence, a Hear Here story on being reformed in court, an inmate-commentary in favor of repealing the death penalty, what goes on in the BART tunnels in the wee hours, making the Bay Bridge accessible to bikes, and local musicians Alex Pinto Trio.

The role of the youth vote in the 2012 Presidential election, rehabilitation opportunities inside prison, innovative strategies to help veterans with PTSD, and local musicians The Phenomenauts.

Our last tour of San Quentin's Death Row, a commentary from a prison inmate on Proposition 36, the trailblazing African-American journalist Belva Davis, and local musicians San Francisco Rock Project.

The Korean-American vote, police funding and Oakland's District 1, how to become a write-in candidate, democrat vs. democrat in the election for California's 15th congressional distrcit, and local musicians Tokyo Raid.

Proposition E and San Francisco's payroll tax, Berkeley contemplates implementing a Sit/Lie law, California Correctional Peace Officers Association and their election campaign contributions, and local musician Mary Stallings.

Taking stock of the legacy of NAFTA: what it's meant to California and the country. And local musicians Goodnight, Texas.

A special Crosscurrents: Julia Scott's documentary BON VOYAGE, the story of a same-sex couple from San Francisco who try to meet death in style.

Predicting the Filipino vote in the Bay Area; Can online games improve young people's civic participation?; Did pop music kill the campaign song?; Will Durst: Ringside at the Undercard; and local pianist Ricardo Scales.

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City College in San Francisco fights to keep it accreditation, a Story Corps about a child with a big dream, the Source of Marin County's name, the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland offers alternative treatments to women with cancer, and local musicians Albino!

A big day for Bay Area baseball, Proposition 32 and campaign finance reform, a book on American Muslim women who share their experiences of love and sexuality, a jazz perspective on Archie Shepp, and local musician Ty Segall.

Oakland limits the public from attending city council meetings, Republicans in San Francisco react to the first presidential debate, reporter Melissa griffin files a report from the Denver on the presidential debate, the Mill Valley Film Festival, paying for a stranger's meal at Berkeley's  Karma Kitchen, and local musicians The Dunes.

KALW's Nancy Mullane goes behind the scenes at Pelican Bay State Prison and into the Security Housing Unit there, a place journalists have been denied access to for years.

An update on the Chevron gas pipeline explosion, San Francisco's ban on plastic bags, comedian Will Durst on the next month of the presidential campaign, the 20th anniversary of Critical Mass, a new skateboard park San Francisco, and local musicians The Corte Madera Town Band.

Jailhouse lawyers circumvent the Bar behind bars, macroeconomics though the eyes of a microbrewer, wine country in the city, and local musician Mark Goldenberg.

Hear Here: Meet DaJuan Simpson; Hear Here: Serendipity on the airwaves; Misophonia: the hatred of sound;  Storycorps: A child's struggle with dyslexia; Audiophiles: Cellist Zoe Keating Takes to the Woods.

The first anniversary of the Occupy movement; Occupy is already a museum art exhibit; and the San Francisco rental wars.

Prison realignment and its effects on female prisoners, urban farming, and Samsara--the non-verbal film on meditation. Plus lots of fun interstitials with KALW phone room volunteers and other passionate people!

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Market Street in San Francisco: its past, present, and future. And lots of fun membership campaign interstitials!

This Bay Area Life with Ira Glass!

Youth Radio reporters from the RNC, the Newark Senior Center closes in 2012 due to budget cuts but has recently reopened, a Story Corps about same-sex divorce, traditional Mexican music at the Tejano Conjunto festival, and local musician Alexis Harte and The Lemon Hammer.

City College of San Francisco fights to maintain accreditation, the true cost of fish, putting farmed salmon back into the wild, and local musicians Bells.

Reports of abuse by staff of people with disabilities at Sonoma Development Center; riding the #1 bus route in Oakland's Fruitvale district; a Hear Here with bus driver Archie Johnson; the San Francisco Improv Festival; and local musician Kyle Alden.

Youth curfews in Oakland, going to college as an undocumented student, effecting social change through theater, and local musician Emma Lee.