Chris Hoff

News Engineer

Chris Hoff has been an engineer with KALW News' Crosscurrents for about six years now, and before that he volunteered and reported for the show starting in 2006. The road to radio and KALW was a circuitous one: Hoff's undergraduate career in Classics left him aimless, professionally speaking; his zeal for Pindar, Homer, Thucydides, and Virgil could not earn him a living, so in 2002 he floated around, first to Weimar, Germany, then to Berlin.  It was in Berlin that Hoff uncovered his enthusiasm for the then-burgeoning internet radio phenomenon known as "podcasting."  For two years he made podcasts with a buddy of his until he decided to get more serious with the medium. So after getting his feet wet in broadcast journalism at CNN Berlin in 2006, Hoff moved back to San Francisco, met Holly Kernan and Ben Trefny at KALW, and settled into his work with the fabulous Crosscurrents team.  Quoth Hoff, "It is satisfying to have acquired a practical skill after so many years of dabbling and dilettantism."

Chris Hoff is also the co-creator of the new, 90-second podcast The World According to Sound, which has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered. He believes in this new audio project very much.

Ways to Connect

An extended interview with new Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Plus local musician Duckmandu.

"Let Down" by Radiohead

Jan 5, 2015

Noah Arroyo's usual music selections are much angrier, but this slow, Radiohead jam really moves him.

"Carey" by Joni Mitchell

Dec 29, 2014

"The wind is in from Africa..." are lyrics that bring tears to the eyes of San Francisco resident Melissa Rodgers.

Rene de Guzman chose this Magnetic Fields' anthem because of its powerful lyrics, and the overall story it tells about not wanting to let go of a memory.

Black folks in nature,  the history of African Americans in the West, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The Hipwaders.

Remembering those homeless in San Francisco who have died, a photographic book on SF's homeless, John Steinbeck's recently discovered short story, and local musicians The Jugtown Pirates.

"Der er et yndigt land"

Dec 15, 2014

For Danish resident, Sonia Bistrup, the nation's anthem is her favorite "unfavorite" song.

This week's Audiograph game answer, the Greenhouse Project in SF's Portola district, and local musician Joe Goldmark.

The latest on CCSF's fight to keep its accreditation, video game art, a museum in Oakland commemorating classic video games, the social advantages to gaming, and local musician Georges Lammam.

Berkeley musician Lyrics Born shares a special moment he experienced on his wedding day, that this Curtis Mayfield track served as the soundtrack for.

The art of tombstone engraving, making a play about the crack epidemic, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The SF Bach Choir.

Corporal punishment, Oakland Interfaith Choir, a rapping principal in San Francisco, tearing down the old Bay Bridge, and local musicians Scary Little Friends. 

This Big K.R.I.T. song resonates with Oakland's Aundray Rodgers, because it serves as a daily reminder of his inspirational grandmother.

This is one of Sheri Shuster's favorite songs, because "It just stirs something inside of me."

Shopping with the seafarers, foraging for fish in our own backyard, and local musicians Pacific Mambo Orchestra.

"It's the first time I fell in love with music," says singer Thao Nguyen of one this Smokey Robinson hit. "It was my first example of the juxtaposition, the really happy upbeat melody, with darker, sad material."  

Creative writing inside of San Quentin Prison, this week's Audiograph game answer, San Francisco's International Hip Hop Dance Fest, and local musicians New Monsoon.

Are San Francisco tech companies giving back enough to the mid-Market area? Plus, a program that maps how evictions are changing the geography of the city, and the story of one family who got evicted.

For Safiya Martinez, this Jimi Hendrix ballad marked her transition into teenage-hood.

A show on sexual assault and consent: UC Berkeley tries to integrate the new "Yes Means Yes" law, Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley on why rape kits should be analyzed more quickly, a personal commentary on sexual assault, and local musicians Quiles & Cloud.       

"OneWorldTradeCenter" by Joe Mabel - Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The new building at One World Trade Center, better known as the "Freedom Tower," opened today in New York City. We thought that we would share some of our own recollections of September 11th, 2001 with you. By clicking on their names below, you can hear some memories from members of the KALW news crew.


Anna Lamassonne has attended many Grateful Dead shows, and this is the one song she's hoping to hear the most.

Playing baseball at San Quentin State Prison, an ex-convict who helps formerly incarcerated people, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians Shannon and the Clams.

California's water bond on the ballot, a ride-along with a rural fire chief, Oakland mayoral candidates Jean Quan and Courtney Ruby, and local musician Susan Muscarella.

This song is particularly special to Nick Bilogorskiy. "Revolution" sums up a lot of his thoughts on the current state of the world, but also, it was the first track he ever learned on guitar.

Changing education in east Oakland, bringing Oakland's mayoral candidates to the young Left, Oakland mayoral candidates Peter Liu and Dan Siegel, and local musician Earl Thomas.


The high cost of phone calls for inmates, the disappointment of parole denial, this week's Audiograph game answer, and local musicians The T Sisters.

Regulating Cannabis in San Jose, Syrian jazz music, two more Oakland mayoral interviews: Rebecca Kaplan and Ken Houston, and local musicians Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review

A talk with the superintendent of SFUSD, San Francisco Trolley Dances, and local musician Barbara Dane.

Making recycled water good enough to drink, the African Film Festival in Mountain View, two more Oakland mayoral candidates, and local musicians Ensemble Mik Nawoo.