Chuck Finney

Host, Your Legal Rights

Chuck Finney has been an attorney for over 40 years and currently works with the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office as a Deputy District Attorney in the Consumer & Environmental Protection Unit.  In 2011, Chuck celebrated his 30th year in public radio.  Chuck's greatest supporter of his public radio career has been his wife Joanne Roney Carpenter, a retired attorney. 

Ways to Connect

Social media in the workplace.

Chuck Finney is joined by Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, a medical expert in infectious disease prevention, to discuss preventing medical malpractice hospital and healthcare associated infections.

Chuck Finney is joined by  Linda Kramer, Chair of the Estate Planning Advisory Commission of the Board of Legal Specialization, to discuss two aspects of estate planning – advanced health directives and planning for a medical crisis.

Chuck Finney is joined by attorneys James Coy Driscoll and Marc Seidenfeld to discuss landlord/tenant law.


Domestic violence

Chuck Finney is joined by Dr. Stanton Glantz, UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education to talk about the case against Big Tobacco and cigarette addiction.

Chuck Finney is joined by San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney James Wade; Certified Specialists in Criminal Law Jeff Hayden and Gerritt Rutgers; and Rick Phillips, Exec. Dir. of Community Matters, a non-profit organization promoting violence prevention in schools to talk about bullying and school violence prevention.

A conversation about the changing laws regarding the rights of disabled employees and the responsibilities of employers to them.


Chuck Finney is joined by attorneys James Coy Driscoll and John Zanghi to discuss Landlord/tenant laws and disputes.

Chuck Finney is joined by John McGregor, Certified Specialist in Taxation Law, and Dennis Bean, CPA, to discuss IRS collection for delinquent taxes and taxpayers' offers in compromise.

Chuck Finney is joined by attorneys Anthony Oncidi and Lisa Maki to discuss recent court decisions regarding employment law.

It's also Call a Lawyer Night. Listen for an opportunity to call in with your legal questions.

Chuck Finney is joined by Antonio Nierras, a Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, to discuss updates in Immigration and Nationality Law. 

Chuck Finney is joined by Peter Stern, a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning; and Timothy Millar, a financial planner to discuss planning for long-term care/Medi-Care/Medi-Cal/private pay.








Chuck Finney is joined by Susan Scott, Co-Chair of the National Lawyers Guild International Committee; Shahid Buttar, Exec. Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee; and Stanley Friedman, a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law and a past Chair of the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar. They’ll be discussing the National Defense Authorization Act, which permits indefinite detention; and other civil rights issues.

It’s also Call a Lawyer Night!

That's Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm on 91.7FM. Audio available after broadcast.

Chuck Finney is joined by Constitutional Law Professor Myron Moskovitz, Golden Gate Univ. School of Law; Jeff Hayden, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law; and Steven Mayer, Certified Specialist in Appellate Law to discuss recent Supreme Court decisions. 

That's Wednesday, February 15 at 7pm on 91.7FM. Audio available after broadcast.

Chuck Finney is joined by Joseph Ridout, manager of Consumer Services for Consumer Action, the National Consumer Advocacy and Educational Organization to discuss consumer scams.

That's Wednesday, February 8 at 7pm on 91.7FM. Audio available after broadcast.



This week, Chuck Finney and guests take on the topic of employment law. Guests:  Employment Law attorneys:  Nina Fendel and Miles Locker, authors of "California Workers' Rights" published by U.C. Berkeley;  andMalcolm Loungway, an investigator with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco office. 

Chuck Finney offers legal advice to callers. Tonight's program will focus on landlord/tenant laws and issues. Guests: James Coy Driscoll and Marc Seidenfeld, landlord/tenant attorneys.

Chuck Finney offers legal advice to callers.