Devon Strolovitch

Host and Producer, Fog City Blues; Producer, Philosophy Talk

Devon Strolovitch studied medieval Judeo-Portuguese manuscripts and earned a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell University before coming to KALW.  Since 2007 he has hosted Fog City Blues, the Wednesday night digest of Blues in the Bay Area and beyond.  He is also the primary studio producer for Philosophy Talk, while contributing as a writer, editor and occasional Roving Philosophical Reporter.

In addition to his work at KALW, Devon has helped produce other national radio features including The Protest Singer: An Intimate Portrait of Pete Seeger, Woodstock 40 Years On, and in association with the Library of Congress, Inside the National Recording Registry, which won a Peabody Award in 2013.

A native of Montreal, Devon speaks seven languages, plays guitar, steel drum, and (a little) trumpet, and finds his bliss ensconced in traffic on a bicycle.


Sat November 23, 2013
Arts & Culture

Philosophy Talk takes on the Challenges of an Aging Population

  All over the world, people are living longer and having fewer children than ever before. In less than two decades, one fifth of the US population will be over 65 years old. So what do these radically changed demographics mean for how we re-imagine the shape of a human life? Should we think of the rapidly increasing older population as a blessing or a burden?

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