Eli Wirtschafter


Eli covers transportation. He bikes, takes public transit, and doesn't own a car. He's lived in the East Bay since he was seven.

Eli is a graduate of KALW's Audio Academy, and is now a mentor in the program. He's a past intern with KQED News and The California Report, and continues to freelance with KQED.

Eli Wirtschafter

Zipcar. Ford GoBikes. Scoot. Shared vehicles are multiplying like rabbits in the Bay Area. Just this month, a company called JUMP rolled its electric bikes onto San Francisco streets.

Tess Dixon / Flickr/Creative Commons


The tolls for driving on Bay Area bridges could go up by three dollars in the coming years. On Wednesday the Bay Area Toll Authority approved the increase, meaning it will go before Bay Area voters in June.

Eli Wirtschafter


On January 1, it becomes legal to sell recreational marijuana in California. But the laws about driving impaired by the drug remain hazy. You can’t drive “under the influence.” So how much influence is too much? An emerging industry is trying to solve that problem.