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Wed December 10, 2014
Arts & Culture

Video game artists thrive in Bay Area

If Vincent Van Gogh lived in the Bay Area now rather than the Netherlands in the 19th century, maybe he would have been a popular video game designer instead of a withdrawn oil painter. Starry Night could have been a virtual reality space exploration, aliens included. Take it from video game artist Ocean Quigley. 

“I wanted to be able to paint like a 19th century master, and of course, that was an absurd proposition,” he says. “Then I came to the Bay Area and realized there was a whole, new art form being born around computer games.”

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Wed December 3, 2014
Arts & Culture

Bay Area Beats: Rapping assistant principal uses music to connect with students

Some of all Parts, is a San Francisco rap group made up of old high school buddies Carlos Teasdale, Daniel Velarde, and Joe Truss. Truss is Assistant Principal at San Francisco’s Academy of Arts and Science. He says he was skeptical about joining a rap group at first. He wasn’t impressed with a lot of mainstream rap out there at the time.

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Tue December 2, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Imagining the giant hippos, monstrous sharks, and sea beasts of an underwater Silicon Valley

Construction site at the Calaveras Dam in the East Bay hills.

Digging up ancient worlds

When construction workers break into earth’s surface, it’s not unusual for them to discover ancient worlds. Last year, crews unearthed the remains of three mammoths and one giant bison in San Francisco While working at the Caldecott Tunnel, fossil hunters discovered the remains of camels that once roamed the East Bay. There’s actually provisions in California’s environmental laws that require that anyone doing major digging projects call fossil experts first, just in case. So when work began near Fremont to rebuild the Calaveras Dam, paleontologist Jim Walker was called to the scene to hunt for fossils. He expected to find a few, but the count surpassed 600.

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Wed October 15, 2014

Navigating California’s conflicting and chaotic marijuana laws

David Hodges enjoying his marijuana
Holly McDede

Medical marijuana is legal in California. Medical marijuana is not legal in California. Both statements are sort of true; while pot shops are allowed statewide, cities still have the right to ban them. In fact, 200 cities already do. That’s left patients on their own to navigate through California’s conflicting and chaotic marijuana laws.

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Wed October 8, 2014
The Litography Project

The San Francisco Bookstore Survival Guide

Green Apple Books before the opening of their second store