Lisa Ratner

Lisa Ratner is a volunteer reporter for KALW's Crosscurrents. Her favorite topics to cover are Public Transportation, Food Politics, Gender Politics, and Film.

She is a freelance Jill-of-all-media-trades including photography, video production, web design, and marketing for small businesses and non-profits. You can view her portfolio here.




Mon January 14, 2013

Hear Here: Maybe it's time you finally went to Treasure Island

Treasure Island View and Naked Lady Statue
Credit Lisa Ratner

Our Hear Here community storytelling project has been asking Oakland and San Francisco residents to tell them a story about a meaningful place in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, the KALW news team has set out on a similar mission, and visited iconic places all over the Bay Area to talk to the people who visit them. KALW’s Lisa Ratner brought back this story from Treasure Island.

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Mon June 11, 2012

Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for June 11, 2012

(LA Times) // High-Speed Rail construction is facing challenges over its environmental impact on both air quality and endangered species. Concerns include the problematic air quality in the San Joaquin Valley where about 1 out of 7 children have been diagnosed with asthma, and federal biologists say 11 endangered species will be impacted.

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Mon June 4, 2012
Arts & Culture

StoryCorps: A monumental wedding

Phyllis Lyon was the founder of the first lesbian rights organization in the United States, Daughters of Bilitis, in 1955. You may recall her name, as she and her wife Dell Martin were the first same sex couple to be married under the authority of Gavin Newsom when he became mayor in 2004. Phyllis recounts her life experiences such as connecting with Dell Martin, navigating anti-gay laws in San Francisco in the 1950's, her book Lesbian/woman, and shifting her perspective on marriage at the StoryCorps booth in San Francisco, where she spoke with Margee Adams.


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Mon May 14, 2012
Afternoon News Round Up

Connecting the Dots: Afternoon edition May 14, 2012

Los Angeles Times // In order to retain federal funds, California’s High Speed Rail project would have to spend $3.5 million daily to meet the 2017 deadline for finished construction of track in the Central Valley. If approved, the project would have the fastest rate of transportation construction known in U.S. history.

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Mon April 16, 2012
afternoon news roundup

Connecting the Dots: Afternoon edition for Monday, April 16, 2012

Silicon Valley technology companies Oracle and Google will face off in a legal showdown on Monday. Oracle charges that Google’s Android mobile phone technology infringes on its patents...

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