Steven Short


Steven has been with KALW News since it’s beginnings in 2004. His history, art and public interest stories have won awards for Breaking News, Feature Writing and Explanatory Journalism. Some of his reports have aired nationally on NPR.

He is responsible for The Source, a recurring feature on the origins of Bay Area place names. He also researches most of the listings for the Crosscurrents local music calendar and compiles the weekly online Cannabis News Round-up.



Wed June 19, 2013
Today's Local Music

Today's Local Music: G. T. Ganeshan

Gautam Tejas Ganeshan

The sounds you’re hearing now are by Gautam Ganeshan. He’ll be bringing his innovative Indian roots music to the Redwood Grove Summer Concert Series at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, tomorrow, June 20. Audience members are invited to bring a picnic and enjoy sitting under the redwoods while listening.  

Music begins at 5:30pm, and your ticket includes entrance to the botanical garden, starting at 4:30pm.  

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Tue June 18, 2013


Mon June 17, 2013
Today's Local Music

Today's Local Music: RocketShip RocketShip

band's website

When a band is named RocketShip RocketShip, you expect a powerful, speedy sound. And that’s what you get, as you’re hearing now. This power trio from San Francisco calls their music “Atomic Rock and Roll.”

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Fri June 14, 2013

Cannabis News Roundup: June 14, 2013

Cannabis leaf
Portable Network Graphics

Canadian homegrown is out… Nevada is 18th state with medical rules… Banks don’t want dispensary cash… and more!


Health Canada // Canada plans to end its two-year-old policy of allowing homegrown cannabis for medical use. The new guidelines call for it to be “produced under secure and sanitary conditions.”

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Thu June 13, 2013
Today's Local Music

Today's Local Music: The Cottontails

Yes, that’s vintage jazz you’re hearing, but no, your radio hasn’t gone into a time warp. You’re hearing The Cottontails of San Francisco, a group that plays American music from the 1920s to the 1960s – sometimes all in one set! They’ll be shaking it up on Sunday at The Riptide in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset, beginning at 7:30pm. 

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