Steven Short


Steven has been with KALW News since it’s beginnings in 2004. His history, art and public interest stories have won awards for Breaking News, Feature Writing and Explanatory Journalism. Some of his reports have aired nationally on NPR.

He is responsible for The Source, a recurring feature on the origins of Bay Area place names. He also researches most of the listings for the Crosscurrents local music calendar and compiles the weekly online Cannabis News Round-up.



Wed September 5, 2012
Arts & Culture

Today's Local Music: The Stairwell Sisters

The Stairwell Sisters play rollicking old style music. The two founding members used to practice their harmonies in the stairwell of their workplace in San Francisco. That was twelve years later. Now, The Stairwell Sisters band bring their mix of traditional songs and new compositions to audiences throughout the Bay Area.

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Tue September 4, 2012

The Sharing Economy: Visit the really really free market

Really Free Market Site

When you're low on cash, there are a couple of ways to shop for clothes, shoes, or anything else you may need.  You can probably find some good deals online at Freecycle or Craigslist or maybe you'll sift through the goods at your favorite second hand store.

Here, in  San Francisco, you can go to the monthly Really Really Free Market. It's a swap meet but without the price tags. As part of our series on Sharing Economy, KALW's Steven Short takes us there, in this piece from our archives. 

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Tue September 4, 2012
Arts & Culture

Today's Music: Nice Guy Trio

Band Website

The sounds you’re hearing now are from San Francisco’s Nice Guy Trio. They use elements of many styles, including calypso and klezmer, to create their own unique form of jazz.

You can hear them for free at a midday show on Thursday (09.06) as part of San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Garden Festival. These outdoor events start at 12:30pm.



Tue September 4, 2012

Cannabis news roundup: September 4, 2012

(  // Harborside Health Center’s landlord in San Jose is asking a federal judge to stop HHC from growing or storing marijuana on the property, saying that they thought it was legal to operate such a dispensary when they originally leased the space. The move is an attempt to prevent the U.S. Dept. of Justice from seizing the property for harboring illegal activities.

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Thu August 30, 2012
Arts & Culture

Today's Local Music: Alexis Harte & The Lemon Hammer

You might be a little perplexed when you listen to this song; could it be the musical stylings of The Lemon Hammer? Is that the sound of Berkeley boy Alexis Harte? Well, we’re not sure. But we know this much: Alexis and the band play folk and blues, and they’re taking the stage at the 60th annual Sausalito Art Festival on Monday September 3rd – that’s Labor Day – at 11:15 am.