33rd annual Comedy Day brings the laughs to Golden Gate Park

Sep 9, 2013

Back in 1980, when comedian Jose Simon heard that the San Francisco Chronicle agreed to sponsor a free event, he founded Comedy Day in San Francisco. This Sunday from noon to 5 pm, you can catch more than 40 comedians performing stand-up at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park, as Comedy Day celebrates its 33rd year.

Event organizer Debi Durst has been part of the show from the very beginning. She joined comedians Diane Amos and Marga Gomez in the studio with KALW’s Ben Trefny to talk about Comedy Day.  

DEBI DURST: It’s like my family, you know. Everybody’s together for one day in broad daylight and they’re almost awake and they’re drinking beer and doing what comics should do

Click the audio player above to hear the rest of the conversation. Visit Comedy Day's website here.