The 38 Percent: The Latino vote in California

Oct 9, 2012

The latest census numbers say that Latinos make of 38 percent of California’s population, a voting bloc to be reckoned with on issues like domestic workers, farm labor, and immigration. Latino San Francisco Supervisors Avalos, Campos, and Olague are up for reelection in Latino-majority districts.

KALW’s Hana Baba spoke with Marcos Gutierrez, host of the show "Hecho en California" on KIQI 1010 AM based in Daly City, about the Latino vote in California.

Click the player above to listen to the interview. 

CORRECTION (10/10/12): In the interview above, the host erroneously stated that City College of San Francisco is losing its accreditation. Though CCSF is in danger of that, it remains open and accredited. We regret the error.