99% Invisible: The Broken Window

Jul 24, 2013

One day, when Melissa was thirteen, she and her friend Liz bought some geodes. They didn’t want to wait to get home to crack them open, so they decided to throw them against the wall of an apartment building. Liz’s aim went wild on one of the geodes, and it went through a window. Melissa would have probably forgotten about the incident, had it not been for one inexplicable thing: the window didn’t get fixed. Ever. So in 2011, 22 years after the incident, Melissa went to go find the person who left the window broken for so long. She brought along a tape recorder. 

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99% Invisible is a project of KALW. This was produced by Roman Mars and Sam Greenspan. You can read more about this story and others at the 99% Invisible website