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99% Invisible: Guilt-Free

Jan 24, 2012

Composting is just one way we’re thinking about reducing waste, and when it works, we notice: landfills slim down, and gardens bulk up. But then there’s the waste that doesn’t take up space, like energy.

A collective in San Francisco’s Mission District, Civil Twilight, has an answer to the amount of streetlight that we waste every night when the sun goes down. The collective’s proposed lights sense and respond to ambient moonlight, allowing people in urban areas to reconnect with the nighttime cycles that were lost long ago to light pollution.

In this episode of 99% Invisible, “Guilt-Free,” we explore the night sky, and a sustainable future, with host Roman Mars.

99% Invisible is produced by Roman Mars, with support from LUNAR. It’s a project of KALW, the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco and the Center for Architecture and Design.