Almanac - Thursday 1/11/18

Jan 11, 2018

Today Thursday, 11th of January of 2018 is the 11th day of the year

There are 354 days remaining until the end of the year

68 days until spring begins

299 days until mid-term elections on Tuesday November 6, 2018

(9 months and 26 days from today)

And 1027 days until presidential elections on Tuesday November 3, 2020

(2 years 9 months and 23 days from today)

The sun rises at 7:25 am 

and the sun sets at 5:12 pm.

We will have 9 hours and 47 minutes of daylight.

Solar noon will be at 12:18 pm.

the first low tide will be at 12:42 am 

and the next low tide at 2:15 pm.

The first high tide will be at 7:20 am 

and the next high tide at 9:02 pm.

Moon: 25.5% visiblle

Waning Crescent

Moon Direction: 126.11° SE

Moon Altitude: 19.56°

Moon Distance: 249178 mi

Next Moonset: Today at 1:35 pm

New Moon in 5 days on Tuesday the 16th of January of 2018 at 6:17 pm

First Quarter Moon in 13 days on Wednesday the 24th of January of 2018 at 2:20 pm

Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse in 20 days on Wednesday the 31th of January of 2018 at 5:27 am

Last Quarter Moon in 26 days on Wednesday the 7th of February of 2018 at 7:54 am

Today is…

Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day

Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

National Hot Toddy Day

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

National Milk Day

National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

Secret Pal Day


It’s also…

Children's Day in Tunisia

Eugenio María de Hostos Day in Puerto Rico

Independence Resistance Day in Morocco

Kagami biraki in Japan

Republic Day in Albania

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You!  You share this day with….

347 – Theodosius I, Roman emperor (d. 395)

1650 – Diana Glauber, Dutch-German painter (d. 1721)

1755 – Alexander Hamilton, Nevisian-American general, economist and politician, 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury (d. 1804)

1885 – Alice Paul, American activist and suffragist (d. 1977)

1887 – Aldo Leopold, American ecologist and author (d. 1948)

1888 – Joseph B. Keenan, American jurist and politician (d. 1954)


1903 – Alan Paton, South African author and activist (d. 1988)

1906 – Albert Hofmann, Swiss chemist and academic, discoverer of LSD (d. 2008)

1924 – Slim Harpo, American blues singer-songwriter and musician (d. 1970)

1925 – Grant Tinker, American television producer, co-founded MTM Enterprises (d. 2016)

1928 – David L. Wolper, American director and producer (d. 2010)

1931 – Betty Churcher, Australian painter, historian, and curator (d. 2015)

1931 – Mary Rodgers, American composer and author (d. 2014)

1934 – Jean Chrétien, Canadian lawyer and politician, 20th Prime Minister of Canada

1936 – Eva Hesse, German-American sculptor and educator (d. 1970)

1938 – Arthur Scargill, English miner, activist, and politician

1942 – Clarence Clemons, American saxophonist and actor (d. 2011)

1943 – Jim Hightower, American journalist and politician

1946 – Naomi Judd, American singer-songwriter and actress

1952 – Lee Ritenour, American guitarist, composer, and producer

1956 – Robert Earl Keen, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1958 – Vicki Peterson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1962 – Susan Lindauer, American journalist and activist

1971 – Mary J. Blige, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1972 – Amanda Peet, American actress and playwright


…and on this day in history…

532 – Nika riots in Constantinople: A quarrel between supporters of different chariot teams—the Blues and the Greens—in the Hippodrome escalates into violence.

1805 – The Michigan Territory is created.

1908 – Grand Canyon National Monument is created.

1912 – Immigrant textile works in Lawrence, Massachusettsgo on strike when wages are reduced in response to a mandated shortening of the work week.

1922 – First use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.

1927 – Louis B. Mayer, head of film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), announces the creation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at a banquet in Los Angeles, California.

1935 – Amelia Earhart becomes the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

1946 – Enver Hoxha, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Albania, declares the People's Republic of Albania with himself as head of state.

1949 – The first "networked" television broadcasts took place as KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania goes on the air connecting the east coast and mid-west programming.

1957 – The African Convention is founded in Dakar, Senegal.

1972 – East Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh.

1973 – Major League Baseball owners vote in approval of the American League adopting the designated hitter position