August 9, 2012

Aug 9, 2012

221 day 145 left in the year

Sunrise : 6:20am
Sunset: 8:09pm

50% of the moon is visible, setting at 8:02am, rising at 9:01pm

Low Tides at the Golden Gate: 11:06am
High Tides: 6:17am/5:36pm

Special Celebrations today:

National Hand Holding Day

Send as E-mail Greeting Day

National Rice Pudding Day

National Clean out the Kitchen cabinets Day

National Women's Day in South Africa

A Moment of Silence is observed today at Peace Memorial Park in Nagasaki, Japan where an American bomber dropped an atomic bomb on August 9, 1945

On this day in...

1790: The Columbia returned to Boston harbor after a three-year voyage, becoming the first ship to carry the American flag around the world.1

1944: The U.S. Forest Service created the character Smokey the Bear to plead for Americans to prevent forest fires.

1974: Gerald Ford became the first non-elected President of the U.S. after Richard Nixon resigned.

1995: While undergoing drug rehab, Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack at age 53.

2002: Barry Bonds hit his 600th home run, becoming the fourth major leaguer to reach the mark.

If today's your birthday, you share it with:

Actress Melanie Griffith 55

Actress Gillian Anderdon 44

Actor Sam Elliott 68

Boxer Ken Norton 67

football's Deion Sanders 45

singer Whitney Houston would have been 49