Bay Area Beats: Rapping assistant principal uses music to connect with students

Dec 3, 2014

Some of all Parts, is a San Francisco rap group made up of old high school buddies Carlos Teasdale, Daniel Velarde, and Joe Truss. Truss is Assistant Principal at San Francisco’s Academy of Arts and Science. He says he was skeptical about joining a rap group at first. He wasn’t impressed with a lot of mainstream rap out there at the time.

TRUSS: They just make this long list of stuff. Cause they’re not really talking about anything. They’re just listing things that they have, places they’ve been, how cool they are. And it’s just like writing a train of thought.

But the lyrics his friends were writing were different. They were positive, personal, and more meaningful. Truss wanted in. In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Truss shares how his musical side has helped him connect with his students.

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