Bay Area Beats: Sahba Aminikia

Feb 1, 2017

Contemporary classical composer Sahba Aminikia came to San Francisco as a refugee. Born and raised in Iran in the 80s, he left as a young man to study music in Russia, and then got his bachelors and masters of music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

The music he composes is deeply tied to his Iranian roots - he’s written pieces inspired by traditional work songs of Persian carpet weavers or incorporating the voices of Iranian women whose singing has been stifled by religious restrictions.

Aminikia came into KALW’s studio to talk about his music and where it comes from, in this edition of Bay Area Beats.

AMINIKIA: Sometimes you realize you have to take advantage of that moment, find some kind beauty in that ... otherwise you wouldn't be able to continue.

Aminikia is composer in residence for the Kronos Quartet’s Kronos Festival: Here & Now, which is at the SF Jazz Center this weekend. 

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