Bay Area legend Sheila E. on her political (and personal) new album

Dec 4, 2017

Oakland’s very own Sheila E. is revered by many as one of the greatest drummers of all time.

She grew up in a musical family, the daughter of legendary Bay Area Latin jazz percussionist Pete Escovedo, and later made a name for herself as a central member of her close friend Prince’s band.

Her latest album, Iconic: A Message 4 America, is a highly personal collection of political covers, including songs she listened to growing up.

In this edition of Bay Area Beats the woman known as “The Queen of Percussion” talks about the album, and about the childhood memories that inspired it.

"As I was mourning Prince, the election started happening. And then I just felt like I need to do something else, and stand and talk about things that I want to talk about."

Sheila E. will be celebrating her 60th birthday this Thursday, December 7, with a concert at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.