Berkeley non-profit awards grants to Muslim-American storytellers

Mar 28, 2017

Back in 2003, the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science published a study of Arab Muslim portrayals in a Hollywood movies. Out of 900 films, only a dozen had a positive portrayal. 

Would it make a difference if more Muslims made films? If there were more Arab or Muslim directors, screenwriters, actors? The Islamic Scholarship Fund in Berkeley grants scholarships to Muslims wanting to get into journalism, politics, TV and film. Recently, it launched the American Muslim Storytellers Project to “counter the current rhetoric around Muslims.” Hana Baba spoke with Executive Director Hamid Rezapour, and project manager Michael Morgenstern in studio.

REZAPOUR: In order for us to have some say in our future, to have some say in building our own image, to have some say in the political process and the entire spectrum of the American tapestry we have to be involved in these professions and have representation.