Mon April 28, 2014

Bike, Train or Automobile? Three reporters race through morning commute

It’s not just you. The morning commute is getting longer and longer. As the local economy picks up steam more and more people are getting in their cars, riding BART, and hopping on their bikes to get to work. This means everyone is spending more time on the road and most of us are doing it less comfortably. For car commuters -  your drive time got about 25% longer in 2013.  In San Francisco, nearly twice as many people are commuting by bike as in 2006. And BART - which is already packed - could have close to double its current ridership in the next few decades.  

One especially tough commute is from the East Bay to Silicon Valley - dozens of miles of freeways, tolls, traffic… and limited choices for public transportation. Three reporters from KALW decided to test all the options with a race from North Oakland to Palo Alto. Ashleyanne Krigbaum drove, Jeremy Dalmas rode BART and CalTrain, and Ben Trefny traveled by bike and ferry.

Whose commute was the fastest - and whose was the most pleasant?

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