Wed August 21, 2013
Out in the Bay - 8/22/13 - 7pm Thur.

The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian

7pm Thursday. What makes us male or female? Or somewhere in between?

Or not even on that narrow line? The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian & Other True Stories is an unusual and beautiful book put together by Norwegian photojournalist Kristin Lyseggen in which 11 people from 7 countries who define themselves as "born in the wrong body” share their stories in words and photographs. Meet Kristin; Bo & Marcus, both featured in the book; and Kristin's partner Herb Schreier, a psychiatrist at Children’s Hospital in Oakland who works extensively with transgender youth and young children, and hear a little of their stories on this week's Out in the Bay.

Eric Jansen hosts. (First aired June 6, 2013.)

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