Bringing Black immigrant issues to the forefront

May 10, 2017

When you think about immigration and deportation in the US, one population that may not immediately come to mind is Black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

It’s a growing population, estimated at between 2 and 4 million, and they too have been facing deportation. The Center for American Progress estimates there are 400,000 undocumented Africans in the US, and many say they’re being ignored - in a time of travel bans and tough immigration policies. BAJI, or the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, is working to bring Black immigrant issues to the forefront. KALW’s Hana Baba sat down with BAJI’s Bay Area coordinator Devonte Jackson to discuss the issues that the Black Alliance for Just Immigration are following right now.

JACKSON: The ebola outbreak impacted these 3 countries - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Now the department is saying the ebola outbreak is no longer an issue - therefore it's safe for these people to go back home.

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