Cannabis news roundup

Jun 5, 2012

SFGate // The state Assembly approved plans for a statewide commission to supervise California’s medical marijuana industry yesterday. Voters approved medical marijuana sixteen years ago, but this is the first attempt at creating formal guidelines for the industry.

L.A. Times // Meanwhile, a committee within the Los Angeles City Council is considering a ban on storefront pot dispensaries. Smaller groups, consisting of patients and caregivers, would be responsible for growing their own. However, the new regulatory commission may supercede that change.

L.A.Times // Medical marijuana: good; recreational marijuana: bad. This seems to be the mood in California, based on a new poll. The Bay Area is the only region with a majority in favor of total legalization.

Americans For Safe Access // The State Supreme Court last week ruled that members of medical marijuana co-ops do not have to provide hands-on assistance in cultivation for their dispensaries. This issue has been confusing to both co-ops and law enforcement.

SFGate // Pro-cannabis voters in California’s Second District have plenty of candidates they can support. The district encompasses major marijuana growing areas.