Cannabis News Roundup: 03.07.14

Mar 7, 2014

Jerry Brown afraid of potheads... Oregon & Washington go legit... Customer etiquette in Colorado... Tenants right to smoke indoors not valid... Gold rolling papers?... Gupta doubles down on cannabis... and more. 


Gov. Brown fears potheads can’t stay alert enough to be good citizens // Sac Bee

Oregon now has legal dispensaries // KLCC Radio             “We are pioneering an industry.”

And Washington state issues first license to grow  // KIRO-TV

CA Assembly committee considers  “1000-ft. school rule” hearing on Tuesday // Cal NORML        Distance of dispensaries from schools would increase, as would fees.

Washington, DC decriminalizes small amounts of cannabis while DEA deputy declares, “no sound reasons to change national policy” // Toke of the Town


Colorado dispensaries produce customer etiquette brochure // MJ Business Daily          “Businesses aren’t liable for what consumers are doing, but we strongly encourage them to promote responsible activity.” [Or as I say, it's a controlled substance, so keep it under control.]

Tenants do not have the right to smoke marijuana at home // SF Gate      It’s still a federal crime. Try edibles instead.

Online survey shows buyers “prefer to buy legally” // MJ Business Daily


NPR reviews recreational and medicinal cannabis legalization //  NPR

Are gold rolling papers safe? // ABC News


CNN’s chief medical correspondent “more convinced than ever” about value of medical cannabis // CNN                His next second special on the topic airs Tuesday.