Cannabis News Roundup: 03.14.14

Mar 14, 2014

Attorney General & UN critical of drug sentencing… Brown’s “pothead” comment rebuffed… More positive news for CBD treatments… Book event in Oakland… and more


“Over reliance on incarceration is unsustainable” in drug sentencing: Attny. Gen’l. Holder // NYT

“Criminal sanctions not beneficial” says High-Level Segment of U.N. // Drug Policy Alliance

Colorado marijuana “small possession” convictions can be dropped // Denver Post

Who benefits in naming police informants in drug cases? // SF Weekly


Assembly legalization bill receives important support from League of CA Cities and CA Police Chiefs Org // MJ Business Daily                Statewide bill would include “significant new restrictions” on doctors.

Brown’s “potheads” comment countered with photos of Obama, Jobs, Branson, others // CA NORML

Gov. Rick Perry on legalization: “We’ve kind of done that” // SF Gate



Colorado cannabis brings in $2 million in taxes in January// Denver Post


Kentucky Senate moves to support CBD treatments for epilepsy // Huff Post

­Cannabinoids work the same way as electro-acupuncture, says NIH study //

Sugar worse than marijuana, poll results // SF Gate                   Remember that when you get the munchies.


Oaksterdam U. hosts author event next Thursday // East Bay Express

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