Cannabis News Roundup: 05.02.14

May 2, 2014

“Drugged driving” bill fails in CA… Bud tenders tend to “over prescribe” edibles…  Colorado attempting to cure dispensaries “cash only” woes… Heart problems in young linked to cannabis… Don’t call Willie a lazy pot smoker… and more.


AB 2500 fails – would have regulated California “drugged driving” down to the nanogram //    (See next three related stories.)

"According to data from NHTSA's Fatal Accident Recording System (FARS), the number of fatal highway accidents in California declined from 3,148 to 2,632 between 1999 and 2012." // East Bay Express

Chart shows “no evidence of DUI crisis in California” // CaNORML          Fatalities have declined as marijuana/drug arrests have increased.

Poll: Legalization in Colorado has not made driving riskier. //   


Denver bud tenders tend to recommend “too much” with edibles //    Each location in undercover probe recommended more than the 10 mg dose of THC listed on the label…

So new regulations will have to be considered // Associated Press        One idea was to fashion labels on edible pot like the difficulty guidelines on ski slopes, a system very familiar to Colorado residents. 

Banking co-op for dispensaries “under study” //   Colorado plan would create “an uninsured credit union,” curing the problem of cash-only transactions.


Cannabis may not kill you, but seems to increase heart attack risks // L.A. Times         "There is now compelling evidence on the growing risk of marijuana-associated adverse cardiovascular effects, especially in young people," according to a five-year French study. 


Couple explodes tent while making hash oil //  SFGate

Teacher in Benicia gives new meaning to “pot luck” // KTVU-TV         Two people were hospitalized and others reported “varying effects” after unknowingly consuming her party contribution.


Colorado Symphony reaches out to “younger and more diverse” audience // Denver Post      Series of concerts to be sponsored by cannabis industry.

Don’t call Willie a lazy pot smoker //   Willie Nelson, music legend and cannabis poster boy, earned his 5th degree black belt in martial arts on Monday, just in time for his 81st birthday.