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Cannabis News Roundup: 07.03.15

Jul 3, 2015

Marijuana “sucking rivers dry”… Oregon’s recreational law: it’s complicated… Are delivery services legal?  Kosher cannabis… and more.


“Transport” redefined in AB 730 //  “Under current law, transportation of non-medical marijuana in excess of one ounce is a felony. Under AB 730, it would be a misdemeanor, unless intent to sell were proved.” The measure is now on Governor Brown ‘s desk.

Marijuana “is sucking our rivers dry” //   State Senator Mike McGuire made his remarks at the “Fish, Flows and Marijuana Grows” hearing in Sacramento this week.

Oregon approves recreational consumption – but not sales //   Oregon joins Alaska, Colorado and Washington in allowing recreational marijuana, but “pot shops aren’t to be expected until the fall of 2016.”

Washington simplifies recreational cannabis taxes //  “The move attempts to address one of the biggest stumbling blocks for Washington’s nascent recreational cannabis industry: complicated, burdensome taxes assessed on multiple parts of the supply chain.”

Minnesota joins the medical marijuana states, sort of //  Strict rules include “no smoking.”


Vallejo petition puts a stop to dispensary applications //  “A referendum petition with the City Clerk [last week] has caused the city to halt collection of applications until the Solano County Registrar of Voters has determined if the petition has the required amount of signatures.”


 Forget pesticides, is your medicine kosher? //   New York officials “have sent letters to the state in support of a proposed pot farm that the developers say will observe ‘kosher customs’ in producing medical marijuana for Jewish patients.”

Third-party delivery apps may be illegal //  “It seems that third-party apps [such as Eaze] that connect delivery drivers, patients and dispensaries are not legit in the eyes of municipal prosecutors.”


CBD treatment for infant in Oregon //   Part 1: Texas church family moves to Oregon to treat daughter’s seizures. Oregon is unique in letting non-residents apply for medical marijuana cards.

Oregon’s medical marijuana policy explained //   Part 2: And parents notice a “huge difference” in child’s health. 

AMA reports: marijuana is beneficial //   Last week’s CNR asked if “medical marijuana” was a hoax. Apparently not, according to “five key papers” reviewed from the American Medical Association. 


Senator Feinstein at odds with public opinion //   The Drug Policy Alliance calls her “the worst senator on marijuana reform.


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